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2021 Team Lintner Calendar is SET!

January is crazy right now! California has stricter covid rules and protocols for fishing tournaments. A select few have already been canceled in specific counties. Our county, San Luis Obispo, currently in the purple tear according to the CDC. They have pulled all Lake permits for tournaments. We are waiting to find out how this will work for the year. Waiting to add back into the schedule ABA Team events for the Central Coast Region.

Currently, at Lake Shasta for the Wild West Bass Trail Pro/Am and the county of Shasta pulled the lake permit for the first day. So, A 2-day event it is! Hopefully as time goes on, things will get better! Check out the ‘2021 Schedule' for fishing tournaments Jared will be competing in. Most places we have heard will continue. I will try to keep schedule updated as things get better and move forward.

Next couple of things this week (Not posted on schedule): Truck Wrap! Back to Genesis in Sacramento area & filming with Tackle Warehouse VLog crew, Corey & Daniel with angler Cody Meyer. Always a good time with these guys.

*Update for Toyota Series at Shasta Lake: tournament scheduled for 1/26-30/2021 has been postponed.

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