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New Vexus Boat Wrap by Genesis Graphics

Updated: Feb 5

New Vexus Boat Wrap

A new season, a new boat and a new boat wrap! 2020 spurred on ‘All Kinds of Crazy’ for so many of us across the world. For Team Lintner, that means a little extra work to ‘Re-Do’ the regularly scheduled programming. For the 2021 season, hopefully you follow & saw our posts regarding the New Boat back in Nov 2020. If not, Jared is officially part of the Vexus Boat family! Feeling a bit jostled around , but I think he is happy where he landed. I am as well, quite a few very familiar faces & that always is comforting in any situation.

Back to the photo, NEW BOAT WRAP! I had some Grand Idea, which of course, doesn’t always pan out… But, totally par-for-the-course in our current crazy days. I chatted with our suggested boat wrap company, Genesis Graphic Wraps in Elk Grove, CA. We secretly planned something that Jared has always wanted, just a plain black wrap. (My thoughts: No fun.) I have always enjoyed the creative side and usually with help from Tackle Warehouse or friends, we have made something interesting come together. January is usually a put-all-the-pieces together kinds month. 2021 is already proving to be an incredible trial… Jared has committed to a few different fishing circuits this year. Figuring how to get both New Boat & New Truck wrapped between tournaments & Tackle Warehouse filming had been a fun game to play. Got everything scheduled and the truck is headed to Genesis Graphics after Shasta Lake tournament.

Photo at Genesis Graphics in Elk Gove, CA (Photo by Jared)

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