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"I just knocked him out! I'm So Sorry! Are You Okay?!" - Jared

Oh My Gosh!! 😂 Did you see the IG Stories Replay of the Part 1: Shasta Lake Tackle Warehouse Youtube Vlog?! Here’s the clip 😉 Just In Case you done have time to watch the whole thing! Sorry Cody Meyer !!

Recap of last week: Jared was at Lake Havasu, for the WON Bass AZ Open. It was a 3-day event & according to many, a little tough. Jared finished 111 of the 175 anglers; 5 fish for the 3 days, totaling 12.33. Link to WON Bass results HERE.

Definitely ready to focus on the upcoming Redcrest in Tyler, TX….

AS we leave Lake Havasu, Weather Channel news for Texas:

Jared saw this on Weather Channel phone app 😳& he started checking the weather for our upcoming travel. We already had planned to take our time traveling. Until some of this storm passed and travel is safe enough to get to Tyler, TX in one piece.

For now, just enjoying some sun, a little down time & tackle prep. Hope everyone had a Sweet Valentine's Day ❣️We made cookies and watched some movies with Jack & Buck (the doggies) Thanks Brett & Courtney!!

On the schedule for Next Week: NEWS UPDATE TODAY 2/15: Redcrest Championship is now scheduled for Feb 22- Feb 26. Thank goodness the weather appears a bit warmer then!! It should be ‘lows in the 30’s and the highs in the 60’s.’ Jared might even miss some practice so we are all there safely and in 1 piece. Read announcement released from Major League Fishing HERE.

Thank You again to the Hite's for your hospitality✨ The views here are spectacular!

This is Still NEW for us. Let us know in the comments below what you would like to see more of, maybe 🎣😉. And don't for get sign up for email notifications, so you don’t miss anything new✨

If you are at home or traveling like we will be soon, be safe out there!! See you here next week ✨ - Keri

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