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JaredLintner.Com is OFFICIALLY Live!!

Welcome to Week 6 of 2021! Jared is done practicing at Lake Havasu for the WON Bass AZ Open and I am finishing up loose-ends at home before joining him on the road.

Last Week Recap: Jared had packed for most of the season, had his ritual haircut with Sammy at ‘The Ritual’ in San Luis Obispo. Jared also helped JC fix up his boat the best he could. Uncle Brent was enlisted to help JC finish up since he owns the boat repair shop at Port San Luis. On Friday, Jared even Traegered his Tri Tip for Super Bowl Sunday since he had tournament practice days prior to Sunday. Always got to

have something good on Super Bowl Sunday. Also on Friday, We tried the Linker Game App again. There are still a few bugs to work out. We promise to let you know when the Linker game is working better! I had a short Team Lintner Trivia on Instagram Saturday (because Jared was driving to Havasu) and gave away the 3 Tackle Warehouse gift cards. Congrats to those who knew Jared and answered the Team Lintner Trivia correctly !! That will be helpful in the future games.

This week: ✨TODAY - WEDNESDAY, 2/10 -The WON Bass AZ Open begins at Lake Havasu. You can follow along at WON BASS on Facebook or at WONBASS.COM . Tournament dates are 2/10 - 2/12, likely a live-weigh-in-streaming on Facebook. I will update via Team Lintner social media.

We’ll be back next week on Monday f or a new post. 📝 We will be traveling to Flint , TX for the MLF Redcrest. 🎣

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Hope you have a great week!! - Keri


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