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Updated: Feb 4, 2021

WELCOME to Team Lintner, This is our first blog post! We are so happy you have decided to join us!

Pictured here is our family: daughter Allese, Jared 👨🏻, Keri (me), our boys, J.C. and Jayden. Our awesome friend and part of Tackle Warehouse Film Crew, Daniel took this photo. He met up with us during quarantine 2020 at our local ‘Pismo Beach’ for a mini photo shoot. Days of all 5 of us together are getting more difficult as time goes on and the kids grow up. At the time of this photos, J.C. was getting ready to head back to school at Boise State. Jared, Jayden & I were packing up for a tournament in Florida on the Bass Pro Tour (June of 2020). Allese, working & attending college at home, helps us out by making sure things run smoothly at home. More importantly, Allese makes sure Kenya, our German Shepard is in good spirits!

We hope to enlighten everyone who has a minute to stop and read updates. We have all of Jared’s tournaments, posted on our 2021 Schedule for you to follow. Of course, there are the social channels listed with links at the bottom of each page if you like that too! Nothing too serious, hope to keep things short & on the lighter side. There will be miss-spellings and mistakes, 100%. We will post mostly on the fly as things are happening or squeezing in a post to 2 if things are super exciting!! I will see if someone on a more ‘Professional Level’ might pop-on here and write up something fantastic once-in-a-while! A different perspective is always good to learn from as well.

And lastly, we will find a way to sneak-in some fishing tips, special announcements, deals on products and maybe even some Team Lintner Trivia hints & secrets to help you win the games on the New Linker Media App!

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