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TW Vlog is done👍🏼 Canceled tournament, Central Coast Weather & Wrapped GMC

Updated: Feb 4, 2021

It’s week 4… And the Vlog shoot was successful! TW Vlog Crew always does a great job and we are excited to see the shows up soon. This week was also supposed to be the Toyota Series tournament at Shasta Lake. It was postponed due to a few unfortunate cirumstances, so back to Elk Grove to pick up the wrapped GMC! We will adjust the calendar schedule just as sure as we know when that tournament will be rescheduled.

Not complaining too much about the postponement, due the amount of snow that supposed to appeared at Shasta Lake. Our winds here are CRAZY! Weather is fairly consistent on the Central Coast of California, mostly mild breezes and right about 65 degrees most days. ANYTHING different is exciting and it’s all over the news! LOTS of Reorganization and repacking the Shasta gear and getting ready for Lake Havasu and then the Redcrest at Lake Palestine in TX. We'll talk about the rest of the season a bit later.

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