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Brand New Website is... Almost Ready!!

Updated: Feb 4, 2021

Our site was suppose to be LIVE Today. Well, we are sure you know how THINGS do not always go as planned, and life keeps happening. Hopefully Friday we can have this all buttoned up and Rolling!

Jared is almost packed and ready to leave for what should have been his 3rd event, but due to current situation in the world, 1 event was cancelled. Now Lake Havasu for the WON Bass AZ Open is second on the list. Last minute packages are arriving so there has been some re-arranging and repacking to make thing fit. At the beginning of every year, Jared usually packs his boat, truck, suitcase for almost an entire season of fishing . Some years the truck/ boat leave in January and do not return to California until September or October later in that year. Jared is always adamant about his research and packing to be ‘as organized as possible!'

Weather always plays an important roll in packing for a season on the road. Of course, can’t see that far into the future to know which baits -How many? Which jackets or hoodies or sun shirts & shorts -How many to bring? Seems like every year we only forget the kitchen sink. Making due with the space in the cab of the truck, Just-In-Case Jayden can fly-in or the bigger kids have a week to join in the travel fun. Packing is always ‘interesting.’

This Friday, February 5 is going to be interesting. We have another chance to Win on the Linker Media App!! Make sure to find the link and download the app for your chance to play! We plan to be LIVE and play another round of Team Lintner Trivia. Still Testing this program, so please bear with us! We are all ginuea pigs here. Jared found my stash of Team Lintner prizes… He is giving away 3- $25 Tackle Warehouse gift cards that I had secretly tucked away for games! Good Luck to all who Join and Play! We’ll see you on the Linker App!

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