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- Feb 22 to Feb 25: Redcrest Part 2 -

A full-field of 40 anglers began the Redcrest Monday morning (Feb 22).

For this event, there was a decision of a 2 pound minimum for each fish-catch.

**If a fish caught was less-than 2 pounds, it was deemed ‘Un-Scoreable.’

Monday, Feb 22; Day 1: Jayden and I watched LIVE from the cabin alllllll day. Jared had 2 scoreable bass recorded. Many other anglers had a similar kind of day. Jared's Official weight for Day1 : 6.07 with big fish weighing 3.06.

Tuesday, Feb 23; Day 2: All 40 anglers went out again to catch what they could.

Jayden & I were super excited as our friend Keith Tripp from Vexus Boats came to check-out Redcrest and offered us a ride-around to see if we could locate Jared on the water.


This was our very first time getting to see Jared work and you know I had my camera!

Adding Massive File to 2021 photos soon 😉

**Side note: The Vexus boat ride was Awesome!! Hope you all get a chance to have a ride in a VEXUS someday.

We were able to locate Jared with a little bit of help 😏 (You know who you are, Thank You SO MUCH!) We sat as quietly as possible waiting for action to happen. The scenery at Lake Eufaula was super cool😎 Nothing like we have back home in California!!

It appears on score-tracker that Jared boated only 1 fish for Tuesday. In all actuality, we got to witness quite a few boated fish, JUST NOT the 2 pound scoreable weight.

We did witness that 1 keeper that was recorded as his ‘1 fish’ for Tuesday 🎣!!

It was very exciting that we had the chance to witness something that we wouldn’t have been able to other wise. Thank you Keith for the ride-around!!!

View slideshow above to see the Scoreable Catch fo the day! 🎣

Tuesday being “Cut-Day” for Redcrest, Jared was done competing for the week. Grateful for the opportunity to be at this Redcrest Championship event, especially after 2020. Bummed for the outcome, because you know Jared is that super competitive type. Always striving for that 1st place accomplishment. Jared's Day 2 catch: 2. 12

We had a great evening with our roommates for the week and packed up to hit the road.

Wednesday, Feb 24 - Jared was asked to do a Daiwa Spot on Major League Fishing FB page: Live question & answer during the first commercial break of the first Knock-Out Round.

It had been a long week already at this point 😉

TO BE CONTINUED on the NEXT Blog Post:


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