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- Feb 25 to Feb 28 -

Leaving Redcrest in Alabama to Lake Seminole in Georgia to a beach in Florida & FISHING Every Day! #GottaGo🎣

Once the LIVE Daiwa Break on MLF Facebook was done, Jared returned a call to friend in Georgia. Of course, both Jared & Jayden wanting to catch some fish…. We met up with the Jeter family. We love all the amazing families and friend we have be blessed enough to meet over the years. It also worked out that Keith from Vexus could also join us for a little derby action in Georgia!! A short drive to Bainbridge and all the guys went out for some evening fishing.

There they go! In such the hurry, to find something to catch 🎣...

I missed Keith leading the way with his Vexus in front of Jared 🤷🏽‍♀️

We dined on a Traegered dinner with

the whole Jeter family.


The guys planned for another day of competition for Thursday!!

Thursday, Feb 25; Just hanging out in Georgia 🍑

Just so you all know, when we are on the road with Jared -THIS is a normal kinda day for me. But let's be honest, what mom doesn't do laundry All-OF-THE-Time 🤷🏽‍♀️ 🧺🧺🧺

Some people ask, "What do you do since you don't go fishing with him?" Well, there is it! At least this Thursday Morning, I lucked into a coffee & fruit cup from Chick -fil -A !! Right before I was booted outta the truck with ALL the Dirty laundry bags 🙃

👀👀👀👀👀NOW THIS PHOTO!!!👀👀👀👀👀👀

This was about the craziest Thing!!! All the guys were chatting about this amazing catch when they got back from Lake Seminole!!! Here is the link to our Instagram Post of the video 😳

Since I was hangin with Ms. Kim at the house doing laundry... Not too many photos were taken? or shared. Greg & Keith were doing their best to out-fish Jayden, Nic & Jared... I have yet to hear who actually won the derby 🎣🎣


Jeter Family Plans already in the schedule for Thursday.

The guys had to come in from the lake earlier than Wednesday evening.

That Thursday evening, The Jeter’s already had plans to head south for the weekend.

* A little back-story here. Jared actually met Greg & Nic Jeter probably 10 years ago. He had been hanging with another friend in Georgia, Barry Hooper. All of these guys... Fishing tournaments 🎣. Ever since Jared had met the Jeter's, they have been kind and always invited him to 'their beach' in Florida. Over the years, I have heard about 'this beach' and I also had been invited to bring the family 🥰 Amazing community and friendship that the fishing brings about!

Now, back to Thursday😉 Here I am with Ms. Kim folding laundry & discussing 'Our Next Thing.' Sharing how I Just so happened to dropped the ball on securing plane tickets right away 🤦🏽‍♀️. We couldn't fly home until Monday. SO,Guess What That Meant?!? We had the time to join them in Florida & FINALLY go see Their Beach!!

On the Road Again! Ready for MORE FISHING!🎣🎣🎣

Friday Morning FISHING for the boys!

Had some Super Fresh Donuts from the Little Donut Shop & then Jared and Jayden joined Greg and Nic for ocean fishing. Jayden’s first time ever on ocean waters and Jared's first time in the Gulf of Mexico. The weather was specular the whole weekend. Amazing to us, especially after the epic cold snap that had just crossed the US.

Now all the time the guys were fishing, I got to enjoy visiting with Ms Kim. We had a great time just talking girl stuff & walking on the beach. Florida beach is SO DIFFERENT than California beach! Jared actually played camera man 📸👨🏻! Got some photos of Jayden's catches🎣 They even met a little friend at the ramp too 🐍!!

Saturday was much of the same, fishing for the boys.

& Beach time for us ladies 😉🏝🐚

Captured a fantastic sunset before we left!

Thank you SO MUCH Jeter Family.

It was fantastic to spend a few moments.

Hopefully the big kids are able to join us next time!

Sunday, Feb 28 - We were rollin’ back to Texas. Roads much safer this time & the weather not so cold. Heading home for a couple of weeks before the beginning of the Bass Pro Tour.

More about that in the next blog or 2 😉 -Keri 💁🏽‍♀️

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